Lipsticks for fall

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Hello everybody,

I thought that this week we could talk about what lipsticks are most appropriate for fall. Obviously this is my opinion and I chose these shades because this is what I’m usually looking for wearing this time of year. But don’t feel like you can’t wear a bright pink in the middle of November, if you’re in the mood for it.

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Let’s get started with the nudes:

1.  Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate in the shade 03 – it’s creamy nude brown lipstick with peach undertone so it’s perfect for pale skin, like me, because It doesn’t wash you out. It feels comfortable and moisturizing for a long time on the lips, but it does transfer on a cup of coffee and wipes off when you’re eating, but being a nude lipstick it shouldn’t be that much of a problem reapplying it and I’m comfortable enough to just apply it without a mirror. Also this product smells nice, it doesn’t bleed and it fades nicely when you’re drinking a cup of coffee, for exemple.

2. essence longlasting lipstick in the shade 03 come naturally – it’s a nice nude lipstick with a gray-rose undertone. The more you apply it the gray-ish it looks, so it’s a buildable color. The one thing I don’t like about it is the scent. It smells kind of chemically but the scent fades out in less then a minute. It’s more of a matte finish but it feels nice on the lips (a bit more drying then the Rimmel one, but not enough so it would bother you). It doesn’t bleed, it transfers, but it fades nicely if you’re eating. If you’re just talking (not drinking, eating or kissing) it will last a long time on the lips

7. Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in the shade 07 Nude-ist – I think this one is my favorite at the moment. If I’m applying it lightly it will be a “my lips but better” shade, but if I’ll build it up it will turn into a muted rosy shade. It’s a matte finish when it dries on the lips, it doesn’t flake of or make your lips look dehydrated, it’s easy to apply and lasts a really long time. It stays on even if you kiss or drink a cup of coffee. If you’re touching your lips with too much water or oil (when you’re eating) it will fade your lips but you can apply it. Also the application of the product is really easy considering you have a doe foot applicator that allows you to reach the corners of your mouth.

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The red:

4. Maybelline COLORsensational in the shade 547 Pleasure Me Red – it’s such a nice red shade! It smells like all Maybelline lipsticks, it looks great just with one coat but of course you can apply to full opacity with two coats. It doesn’t bleed, it’s a creamy finish but you can turn it matte by applying a bit of powder over it (this also prolongs the staying power). It transfers, but it fades nicely and it’s easy to apply it (I would recommend a mirror because you’re dealing with red). If you’re just talking it will look great for more than 6 hours of wear. Also you don’t really need to wear a lip liner under it.

Phe plum-ish shades:

5. Soap & Glory in the shade sexy Mother Pucker Gloss stick 3D Volume Lip Shine in the shade Raplumzel – it’s a non-sticky gloss in a crayon form. It smells amazing – like vanilla and not chemically. The scent doesn’t last too long on the lips and the application is easy – you can apply without a mirror. One swipe will give you a very sheer application, but the more you apply it the more opacity and glossiness it gets. Of course the product transfers easily but the more you wear it without your lips touching anything the more the product (almost) stains your lips and it doesn’t transfer that fast. This gloss is very moisturizing and it doesn’t need a lip balm under it.

6. Aura nano Rouge in the shade 84 Tripoli – this is another product I love all year round. It’s nice in the spring if you’re applying it lightly and also in the fall if you’re building up the color on your lips. It’s a moisturizing lip product and it feels very comfortable on the lips. It stays on pretty well for at least 4-5 hours. I also love that the lipstick is tiny and I can bring it with me no matter what bag I’m wearing.

3. essence lipliner in the shade 05 soft berry – this one you’ve seen quite a lot on my blog if you’re a regular here. It’s the second long listing product I own. If you let it dry or just blot it after you’ll apply it, it will stay on for hours even if you’re drinking. It’s easy to apply, being a lip liner, it’s very creamy and the color it’s just amazing – very dark berry shade that looks velvety on the lips. Even though it’s a lip liner it won’t dry out your lips and it would be best to apply some lip balm 5 minutes  before putting it on.

That’s it from me. I know that for most of the products I’ve written the same qualities but this what I look for in a lip product.
Do you have any shades you like to wear during this season?


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