I Love Fall Tag [EN]

Versiunea în limba română a acestui articol o găsiți aici.
Hello everybody,
Considering we’re in the middle of fall, I thought that I could do the famous “I Love Fall Tag”, but here in Romania we don’t have Thanksgiving and Halloween and this is why I replaced some questions with others that I find more appropriate for my situation.


Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Original Ultra Moisturizing Lip Balm

1. Favorite Fall lip product?
Lip balm is a girl best friend in this season. In fall we have lots of windy days and that thing isn’t the best for your lips. Right now I love using Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Original Ultra Moisturizing Lip Balm (4g) (£1.99). It smells amazing – like coconuts – and it has SPF15 for which I’m really happy because the sun is still up there and can damage the skin of my lips.
miss sporty nail polish

2. Favorite Fall Nail Polish?

I know I’m supposed to answer that I love some dark red or berry color for my nails, but for the last two months I was really into nude nail polish. I’m so lazy to paint my nails and I don’t want to freak out for every tiny chip, and this shade is just awesome for this purpose.

3. Favorite Starbucks Fall Drink?

I don’t like to go to Starbucks, but I could say that my favorite fall drink is hot chocolate.

4. Favorite Fall Candle?

I don’t really burn a lot of candles but I like the warm scents this time of year.

fall scarf

5. Favorite Fall Scarf or accessory?

I love scarves, especially if they’re big and if it’s cold enough outside, I like wearing gloves too. You can see one of my favorite scarfs in the picture above.

6. Favorite Fall TV Show?

I have a lot of TV series that I’m watching, but right now I’m most excited about Gotham and Arrow.

the nightmare before christmas
via IMDb

7. Favorite Halloween/ Fall movie?

The Nightmare before Christmas.

8. Favorite Food for Fall?

I love warm muffins. It doesn’t matter if they have chocolate, fruits, almonds or whatever – I simply love them!

Also, this time of year, my grandmother used to make an awesome pumpkin baked into the oven. I can’t get enough of that smell – I must bake some as soon as possible!

9. What is your Favorite thing about Fall?

I love the lazy Sundays, when it’s pouring rain outside and I’m all covered with a blanket and I’m watching a movie with my boyfriend or I’m reading a nice book.

That was my tag. I invite you all to do this tag and leave me a comment if you did it so I can read all of your answers, or you can just respond in the comments below at any of the questions you find interesting.

See you guys next week!


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