Wishlist – Part 2

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Hello everybody,

As you might have guessed it already, today I want to tell you what makeup I’m currently dreaming of. I have no idea when I’ll get to buy some of these products but they are stuff that I would like to try.

I still don’t have all the products from my first wishlist, but there’s no rush.

theBalm products

Yes, I want all theBalm products! I’m joking, but to be honest I am a big fan of theBalm products and I would love to try out many more like:

  • Balm Shelter – I tried this tinted moisturizer in the store and wore it for a few hours that day. It doesn’t offer much coverage, but it evens out the skin tone which is exactly what I want. Also, it hydrates the skin and doesn’t set in my pores
  • Cindy Lou-Manizer – it’s the one of the Manizer sisters. It has a rosey tone which I think would suit my fair skin. || UPDATE: I have it!
  • Put a Lid on It – I’m almost out of my current eye shadow primer and I have such oily lids, I can’t wear eye shadow for more than an hour because it will start creasing on me. I like my current primer (Urban Decay Anti Aging Primer Potion), but I hear so much about Put a Lid on It that I would love to try it. || UPDATE: I have it!
  • Read My Lips – don’t know which shade I want yet, but I heard great reviews about the products. Plus the packaging is awesome
  • Balm Jovi – I will admit that I want this partly because of the name. As with most of their products, I think they have such cute and witty names that it immediately puts a smile on my face. Also, the colors aren’t something I have in my kit right now

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup

I heard so much about this foundation. Some people think it’s bad (doesn’t suit their skin/needs) but most of people love it. Also, Urban Decay is a brand that I would like to try more. I’m also curious about the concealer from the same line.




Benefit Cosmetics Big Easy and Hello Flawless Liquid

Benefit – another brand I adore. For a month and a half I was lucky to try a few samples from Benefit and these two foundations were some of them. Of course, I had both in a medium shade, but I wore a SPF that made my face so white that these two products were perfect for my skin.

Like theBalm Balm Shelter, these two are light to medium coverage and they feel very light on the skin, which I like. I’m not sure which one is better for me, so I think I’ll have to try both in full size. || UPDATE: I have Hello Flawless!

 Melkior semipermanent nail polish


Sometimes I’m sooo lazy when it comes to painting my nails and taking care of them to not chip that I think at some point I will but semipermanent nail polish to do it myself at home (I’m also lazy when it comes to go to a salon). The only problem is that I would need to buy an UV lamp.


 Maybelline Instant Anti Age Rewind concealer

Another hyped up product on YouTube and on blogosphere. As far as I understood it’s a lightweight product, not expensive and covers very well the dark circles. So I want it and it shall be mine, once I go to Germany. || UPDATE: I have it!


Ghost Deep Night Eau de Toilette

To be honest, this product got my attention by having the brand name “Ghost”, just like one of my favorite bands. Also the packaging is pretty and I think it would look very well next to my other perfumes.

Once I started to read the composition I started to get intrigued. It says it has:

  • top notes -rose
  • heart notes – peach, apricot, wood
  • base notes – vanilla, musk, amber


I would have more products to talk about but I will stop here for now. We’ll see how I manage to get my hands on them.

By the way, every time I get something from this wishlist I make an update to the article. If you want to know what I have now from my first wishlist, just click here.

I would like to know what’s on your wishlist?


10 thoughts on “Wishlist – Part 2

  1. E chiar fain concealer-ul de la Maybelline, mie imi place mult. Din cate am inteles, acum se gaseste si in insulita Maybelline din Promenada (asa parca, sper sa nu incurc mall-urile).
    Cat despre produsele TheBalm… da, vreau si eu! Acum, daca s-ar putea :))

    Liked by 1 person

    • Daca o sa ajung in Bucuresti o sa ma uit dupa el, dar cred ca ajung in Germania mai curand :))
      TheBalm iti recomand din inima. Produse foarte pigmentate, calitative, care dureaza mult pe piele si la preturi mai mici decat MAC, sa zicem.


  2. Lots of interesting things you have on your list:) which shade of balm shelter you tried?
    About cindy lou… I still didn’t decide to keep mine or not:)) I told you i like it now as eyeshadow more as my skin became paler here and it gives slightly orange tone :/ I went to mac to test lightscapade.. and now I want that one as it looked very pretty. I liked mac cream highlighters but I’m not always in the mood for cream products as powders are faster to apply. Their Color base or something like that called in shade Luna is very nice, a little cooler than essence cream highlighter and with no shimmer. But as I have one cream highlighter.I don’t want another one. Lightscapade is something you should swatch in store:) I read 10000 reviews how wonderful it is and after swatching I can tell it’s indeed very pretty. I think it’s good for very light-light and medium skin I guess for tanned Mary lou will suit more. It’s more subtle than mary lou.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Balm Shelter in Light. It becomes darker with time (in about 20 min). It’s darker than me but with the SPF I use now it’s perfect.
      About Cindy Lou I think I will wait to meet you and try it then 😀
      Yes, about Lightscapade I think you told me a few times before and I need to keep it in mind next time I go into MAC.

      Liked by 1 person

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