Glazed and Confused

Versiunea în limba română a acestui articol o găsiți aici.

Hello everybody,

And welcome to another post on my blog. Today we’ll talk about something different, something yummy! We’ll talk about a new hot place in Timișoara, which has a very catchy name – Glazed and Confused.


This donut shop has an excellent location – right in the center of the city (and there is also another one that will be open soon near Continental Automotive). I love that they have a terrace right in front of the shop where you can eat a donut and drink a cup of coffee or maybe a frappuccino, as the weather is so hot now. There, on the terrace, drinking a caffeinated beverage, I caught one of the owners of Glazed and Confused and asked her a few questions:


Me: What can you tell me about the owners of Glazed and Confused?

Hanelore: We are IT people and this donut shop is a family project.

Me: Why did you choose to get involved in such a project?

H: We noticed the lack of a donut place in Timișoara.


Me: What are your expectations?

H: We hope our customers will feel good on our premises and we wish to pleasantly surprise them in terms of both dough and glazes/fillings used. Beside donuts, we hope to delight them with our coffee and, for the summer, with lemonade, fresh juices and new beverages that we feel lack in Timisoara, such as yerba mate.

Me: What impression did the Timișoara audience leave you so far?

H: It’s hard to express my opinion after only a week but I can say that people of Timișoara seem always in a rush but also curious.

Me: When is the shop open?

H: So far it’s open from 10 am to 10 pm, but we plan to expand the program at least on weekends.

Me: When will you open your second shop?

H: The space from Calea Buziasului is not yet fully furnished but at least starting tomorrow we will be selling donuts.

Me: Thank you for your time and I wish you good luck with your business.

H: Thank you and I’m hoping that all of your readers will stop by our donut shop.


Glazed and Confused has a young, relaxed and modern atmosphere. The people serving the donuts and the coffee are nice and they’re always trying to have fun, but they also take their job seriously and try to please all their customers.

The space is not too crowded with furniture, but also it doesn’t have too little that it would look empty. The decorations are pretty and they don’t take your attention away from the important part: the yummy donuts! They are very tasty and they have nice flavors. The donuts are decorated with pretty colors and sprinkles and come in different shapes.

Also the dough is not dry or dull. It’s sweet but not too sweet and – something that caught my attention – if you want a specific glaze, for example the pink one with sprinkles, you will have a donut that smells and tastes a bit like raspberry.


When I went to Glazed and Confused this weekend, I wanted to be a bit festive and make my makeup and nails to look like the donut I’ve been craving for the past few days. It was so fun to play around with my colorful nail polishes and when I saw that my nails actually matched the sprinkles from my dessert I was over the moon!


Program: 10 am - 10 pm

Location: str. Alba Iulia, Timișoara

Facebook page:

Contact for orders: 0734 827 995


Now I’m going to leave you with a few more pictures from last weekend. Enjoy and go try the donuts from Glazed and Confused – they’re totally worth it!












6 thoughts on “Glazed and Confused

  1. I like your makeup and nails! especially nails:) place seems nice, i like tables outside. And if someone asked me about people in Timisoara I’d never tell they are always in a rush 😀

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