Brand focus – Benefit Cosmetics – Part 1

Versiunea în limba română a acestui articol o găsiți aici.

If you follow me in Instagram (notjustmakeup_), you know that two months ago I received a package from one of my favorite makeup companies – Benefit. They send me travel size products, which are great because, beside getting to try a lot of their products, some I won’t get finish for a long time, even if they are not full size.

After trying some of them I want to tell you my honest opinion. Today I’ll talk about a part of them, but I will make at least a part 2 to this article after I get around to play with the other products.

Hoola ultra plush *



  • it’s a lip gloss with shimmer in it and at first I was very scared to try it. I thought the shimmer will be visible, but honestly you can’t really tell when I’m wearing it. Not even in direct sunlight
  • it comes in a transparent squizy tube and it’s very easy to get the product out
  • has a nice, sweet scent
  • the shade is a tan transparent one, which doesn’t interfere with my natural lip color
  • after applying this gloss, it makes lips look better because it smooths out the lines and evens your natural lip color
  • feels nice on the lips
  • it’s not sticky at all
  • it’s very shiny just with one swipe
  • it doesn’t dry out your lips when you’re wearing it
  • it wear off nicely and nobody can tell you have weird lip product left on your lips


  • not really a minus for me because I don’t expect great staying power from a lip gloss, but of course it can’t survive a meal and it will rub off on your glass of coffee cup
  • if you accidental apply too much you will feel the shimmer particles when you press your lips together


  • 6.5 ml/ 0.22 fl. oz




Girl meets pearl


This product wasn’t sent to me by Benefit. I got it in a set (Primping with the Stars) which I bought last year. The set has 6 travel size products.


  • swatching it side by side with Mary Lou from theBalm, I saw that these 2 products are very similar, even though at first you wouldn’t think that. When you first squeeze it out, you see a pinky-pearly cream, but when you blend it in, it’s gold with a light pinky-peachy shade
  • the travel size version it comes in an opaque squeezey tube and it’s easy to get out the product and to control how much you want to squeeze
  • it smells nice, but the scent isn’t powerful and it doesn’t linger on
  • it lasts well all day long. At least by the time I get back from my 8 hour job, it’s still there where I placed it but a bit faded


  • this is very personal and subjective, but cream highlighters aren’t always my top choice as I think it’s harder to work with them. That’s the reason I don’t tend to reach out a lot for this product. I prefer powder highlighters


  • 7.5 ml/ 0.25 fl. oz


Rockateur blush *



  • the scent is nice and not powerful
  • it has shimmer particles but you can’t really see them on your cheeks. The shimmer makes your blush look shiny but not in a fake way
  • as I’m pale, it’s harder for me o pull this off. Also, I don’t plan to get tanned this summer (or ever, for that matter), so I always have to be careful to not apply too much and look unnatural on me
  • it’s very pigmented
  • has great staying power – it’s still there when I come from work (less visible, but you can still see it)


  • it’s harder or very pale people to pull it off. I think it’s best suited for tan-medium skin people


  • 3 ml/ 01 oz




Watt’s up *


I wrote about this product here and I don’t like to repeat myself, so go and check out that article if you’re interested in my opinion. In that article you can also find a comparison between Watt’s up and Mary Lou.


Have you tried any of these products? What do you think about Benefit products?

PS: Don’t forget you can find me on Facebook (user: deirdrelestrange), Instagram (user: @notjustmakeup_) and e-mail.

PPS: The products marked with * were products received as PR samples.

See you guys next week! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Brand focus – Benefit Cosmetics – Part 1

  1. Benefiiit ❤ Iluminatorul crema e mai degraba ceva ce eu as folosi cred :)) Incet incet ajung sa-mi schimb toate produsele de machiaj folosite cu unele crema.. (ma rog, nu chiar toate, dar in mare parte)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cool 😀 Poate ii dai o sansa next time cand ai ocazia. Sincer, trebuie sa stau sa aplic cate putin peste fondul de ten si sa adaug apoi ca fondul de ten sa nu se amestece cu iluminatorul si sa dispara. Parca nu toata ziua am chef sa fac asta 😀


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