One Year Update – LORAC Pro Palette

Versiunea în limba română a acestui articol o găsiți aici.


Hello everybody,

One year ago, on 17th June, I received one of my favorites gifts ever. I’m talking about the LORAC Pro Palette. I told you my first impressions on it here and now I would like to share  with you what I think about it after a year of having it – how much I use it, if I hit pan on anything, would I buy it again etc.

Frequency of use

From the day I got it, I used it for 6 months straight. After that I started to feel sorry for my other eyeshadows and I said it would be time to put them to good use. Also around that time I got In theBalm of Your Hand palette and I was very excited to use it. After 3 more months I started again to use the LORAC palette more and more.

Hitting pan

I managed to hit pan on 4 eyeshadows – Cream, Mauve, Nude and Lt. Bronze – and 2 of them are almost gone. Also I used all the other eyeshadows but I think because the quality is so great, I don’t need much product to get the desired look.



I think you can see the mirror was broken – this happen after 3 months I got it. I was getting ready for an interview and I was a bit nervous. It slipped out of my hand and it fell face-down. I was scared and hart-broken when I saw the mirror. Luckly the eyeshadows where intact – just a bit of dust fell of but nothing major.



When you get this palette look at it well and touch it. You’ll never have it this clean ever again. It’s so hard to keep that back sharp-looking, especially when you’re getting ready and you’re in a hurry.

Would I buy it again?

I think it’s the most easy and versatile palette I know and I don’t have to spend a lot of time thinking what goes with what. I feel like every combination would work. So the obvious answer here is “YES! Yes, I would.” And I will, when I’ll finish this one.



Do you have this palette? Are you interested in it?


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