Brand focus – Benefit Cosmetics – Part 2

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Hello everybody,

Not too long ago I wrote about some of the products I own from Benefit. Having quite a lot of their products and wishing not to make a post with 10000 words, I thought it would be a good idea to split the article in several parts. So welcome to Part 2 of this mini-series.


big easy bb cream


  • like all benefit products, I love the packaging. It’s nice and cute
  • it has SPF 35. I don’t relay on the SPF found in cosmetics because you can never use enough product to get the sun screen protection necessary for daytime. Even so, it’s still nice to know it’s there to protect the skin a bit more
  • it evens out the skintone and skin texture
  • it has light to medium coverage. At least the way I apply it
  • I apply it with the Miracle Complexion Sponge from Real Techniques and my face looks like skin, not excessive makeup
  • it feels lightweight on the skin
  • if you let it sit on the skin for a few minutes it transforms from liquid to powder


  • I have quite an oily T zone, so I need to powder it every 3-4 hours (this is normal for me with any foundation/powder)


  • it costs $38 for 35 ml (full size)
  • I would love to have it at some point in the full version. I even put it on my Wishlist

the POREfessional


  • again, cute packaging and clever name
  • this is a very well-known product in the beauty community and very loved, most of the time, and I feel it’s for a good reason
  • it’s a silicon based primer, so it will make the area where you applied the product feel velvety
  • it’s oil-free
  • it lets the foundation slide nicely over it
  • feels lightweight
  • it fills up your pores but it doesn’t clog them
  • makes skin appear a lot smoother
  • doesn’t matter what skintone you have because it’s translucid
  • helps makeup stay put a few hours more than it would normally would
  • a tiny bit goes a very long way


  • some people don’t like the silicone feeling but I don’t have this problem


  • it costs $44 for 44 ml (full size)
  • I love it but I wouldn’t buy the full size for personal use. I get along just fine with a 7.5 ml tube, considering the product expires in 12 months since opened. Also I don’t use it every day

hello flawless oxygen wow! liquid foundation


  • I really like the full size packaging. It comes with a pump and every time you use it, pump goes up and you can see exactly how much product you have left
  • it has SPF 25 PA+++, which again, I like but I don’t think it’s enough for you not to wear a proper SPF cream
  • it’s oil-free
  • it hydrates very well
  • it feels lightweight
  • depending on how much you apply, it offers a light to medium coverage, which for me is enough
  • it smooths and evens out the sinktone and skin texture
  • applied with a wet sponge it doesn’t look cakey. It mostly looks like beautiful, luminous skin


  • again, I have oily T zone, so I need to powder it every 3-4 hours (this is normal for me with any foundation/powder)


  • it costs $36 for 30 ml (full size)
  • I already have the full size but didn’t have the chance to wear it yet. I can’t wait to open it!

That’s it for this week. Hope you liked it.

Did you try any of this products? What do you think about them? What other products/ brands would you like me to review?

See you guys next week!


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