Beauty Swap with Romina [nio’s beauty corner]

Versiunea în limba română a acestui articol o găsiți aici.


Hello everybody,

Me and Romina from nio’s beauty corner talked about this swap since last year in December, but we finally did it a few weeks ago. Now, what’s a beauty swap, you may ask? A beauty swap is when one beauty blogger buys products for the other blogger. And opposite. So this is what we did – we planed a deadline and a budget, to be fair for both of us. I know other people make requests of specific products or genre of products, but we didn’t and it was more interesting this way. At least for me. I read Romina’s blog a lot in the month I had to buy her something. I wanted to know if she has a wishlist, what products she keeps buying, what she likes, what she doesn’t and also tried to remember what types of products she mentions when we meet. If you want to see what I ended up giving her, you can check it here.

Now, let’s see what I got from Romina:


  • Bioderma Atoderm Huile de douche – it’s an oil for shower but Romina had it and she told me it’s great for using it on your face, especially in the morning if you want just a gentle cleanse. I have to say that I only used it on my face for the past week and I really like it. It feels so nice on my face and it doesn’t strip my face from natural oils. I also used it with a sponge for a bit of exfoliation and it’s awesome. Definitely a product I’ll continue using.
  • Avene Eau Thermale – this is my favorite thermal water and I always use it. This 50 ml bottle will be great for traveling, as I plan to do this month.
  • Bioderma Sensibio H2O make-up removing micelle solution – a few months ago she gave me a small bottle of Bioderma to try, as I said I never tried it. Little that she knew I got “addicted” to this micellar water since I first used it on my face. And a week before the swap, I bought a 500 ml one to have it for a long time in my house. But, to be fair, the 250 ml bottle is so much easier to carry with me, so thank you Romina 😀


lip balms


  • ziaja orange butter lip balm moisturising – a very loved product, at least in Romanian beauty blogosphere. I have it on my (mental) wishlist for a few months now but every time I was in a store I completely forgot to buy it. Luckly, Romina put it in my bag and I’m so happy  to have it. It smells delicious and quite like an orange peel, plus it’s sooo moisturizing!
  • Aquaphor Healing Ointment Advanced Therapy – I heard a lot about this product. It’s for dry, cracked or irritated skin so it’s perfect for knees, elbows and lips (my lips always need a lip balm on). I didn’t try it yet because I still have 4-5 lip balms already opened. I think I will try this one in fall, as it will be needed the most
  • Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Antioxidant Serum (Normal to Dry) – never really tried Paula’s Choice products so this is a great opportunity for me. I didn’t have time o try this one yet but I will come back when I have an opinion about it.


physicians formula


  • Physicians Formula Eye Booster – another product I didn’t have time to try, yet. Romina told me so many good things about this eyeliner since she got it but she also mentioned a downside – it isn’t waterproof so it’s best to not use it when it’s very hot. As I already have easily irritated eyes I think I will wait until it’s a bit more cold outside to properly wear it on a daily basis


theBalm cindy-lou manizer


  • theBalm Cindy-Lou Manizer – I have to admit: I was the most excited for this product when I saw the new goodies. If you are a regular here, you already know Cindy-Lou made an appearance in my last Whishlist. Apparently some was taking notes. Of course I swatched it the second I got it – it’s such a pretty pink highlighter. Because I’m so fair, I can use it as a very luminous blush and highlighter. I’m in love!

To Romina: I know, I’ve already thanked you when we met, but I have to say it here too. Thank you and I’m so happy you’re into skincare as now I can try so many cool and Romina-proof-products.

Did you try anything from what I got? What’s your opinion about them?


PS: Don’t forget you can find me on Facebook (user: deirdrelestrange), Instagram (user: @notjustmakeup_) and e-mail.

Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “Beauty Swap with Romina [nio’s beauty corner]

  1. Ma bucur ca iti plac.. sper sa fie la fel si cu restul 😀
    La mine scrub-ul de ciocolata a trecut de jumatate ca si folosire deja, iar cel de buze sta pe noptiere! Mare parte din restul sunt deja in teste and I’m happy with them. ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

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