What’s new in my life

Versiunea în limba română a acestui articol o găsiți aici.

Hello everybody,

You may have noticed, in the past month, I couldn’t keep my usual uploading schedule and there are reasons for that.




First of all, a month and a half ago, I quit my old job, I packed my stuff and moved to Germany with my boyfriend. This wasn’t just a spur of the moment – we were toying with the idea for sometime and when the opportunity came this spring, we felt it was the right time to do it. There are lots of reasons for which we decided to leave Romania but I don’t feel like this is the right place to talk about that.

Sure, there were some papers to be filled, but we finally did all of that and now we can just enjoy our new home. We live in a beautiful apartment in Stuttgart. There are trees everywhere and you can walk around for hours.


Second of all I had to go to interviews for a new job. Fortunately I found one pretty soon so I didn’t have to worry too much about that. Now all I need to do is to start proper German classes because so far I only learned the language using Duolingo for the past months and I need to advance faster than that.

stuttgart plieningen

The third reason for which I couldn’t properly write in July was the Masters of Rock Festival from Czech Republic. It’s a 4 day-festival, where you go camping and bands are playing from morning ’till night. It was awesome and it’s a nice way to relax. I needed that after all the packing, moving, worrying etc.

I hope this makes a bit more clear for you what’s happening in my life lately. I wasn’t lazy, I was just busy, but now I’m back and I’m very happy. I hope I won’t (ever) miss another Tuesday!

PS: If you are interested in a more detailed story about moving to another country (especially from Romania to Germany) I would be happy to share my experience with you, either here – on my blog, or on private – via my e-mail (deirdre.notjustmakeup@gmail.com)/ Facebook (here).


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