Daydreaming about vacation: Las Vegas

Versiunea în limba română a acestui articol o găsiți aici.

Maybe it’s because I didn’t have a proper vacation this summer or maybe it’s because the fall weather is fast approaching, but lately I’ve been dreaming of traveling to a hot city. Somewhere I could walk around all day and then party all night long. I know there are many cities that fit this description, but for me only one comes vividly to mind: Las Vegas!

Also, I recently found out about the site It’s a site full of offers for Vegas. If you want, you can check their deals here. But be aware! I looked through the website and it just fueled my desire.

That being said, last weekend I was very inspired by this theme and so I tried to create some Vegas-appropriate makeup and went for a walk with my boyfriend.

We have an airport right outside of our town. It’s a pretty big one, with lots of daily flights, and it’s great that they have some special place where you can watch the planes coming and going. So that’s where we went on Sunday afternoon. The weather was pretty hot and seeing a plane landing just made me think again of Vegas. It made me think of how I would land in that beautiful city, what I would wear on the flight and of course, what makeup I would choose.

Luckily I was pretty satisfied with what I had on – natural, no-makeup-makeup. I think it would be easy and fast to put on so I would have more time to visit and less things to worry about during my trip.

daytime makeup look (1)

daytime makeup look (2)

Here’s what I had on: foundation, powder in my T-zone, brow gel, lipgloss, natural eyeshadow and mascara.

daytime makeup look (3)

After the airport visit, my mood was set! I wanted to wear glam makeup, but more my style. We went at home to leave the car and I only had 20 minutes to retouch my makeup and make my vision to come to live. And I managed to do it.

First, I bloted my face with some bloting papers. I added a bit of concealer and powder to make sure my complexion looks perfect. On my eyes I added some rusty orange shade, darkened the crease, put on eyeliner and some (a lot of) mascara. I also added blush and a red liquid lipstick to make sure I don’t have to worry during our evening out.

Here’s the final result:

nighttime makeup look (1)

nighttime makeup look (3)

nighttime makeup look (3)

nighttime makeup look (4)

That’s it for today.

What do you think of this look? Have you ever been to Vegas? Did you like it?

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10 thoughts on “Daydreaming about vacation: Las Vegas

  1. whaaaa, that looks so pretty ❤ Ador machiajele cu ruginiu-burgundy pe pleoape.. I need to get that Zoeva Cocoa Blend pallete si sa-mi fac de cap cu ea :))
    Oricum, you look lovely with that make-up ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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