Favorite makeup tools

Versiunea în limba română a acestui articol o găsiți aici.

Long time no see (actually me write, you read). I’m sharing with you today my favorite makeup tools. I probably have around 25-30 brushes in total, but I love using only 7 of them (plus a sponge). I like the others too, don’t get me wrong, but these are my go to brushes.

Here they are!

favorite makeup tools


  • ZOEVA 227 Luxe Soft Definer – it’s the perfect eye brush for me! I can use it for a light wash of color on the lid, in the crease and for blending. I think you can tell how much I love it by the fact that the writing is rubbed off
  • ZOEVA 228 Luxe Crease – I usually use this one when I want a soft crease or as a clean blending brush
  • e.l.f. professional Eye Crease Brush – this is such a cheap brush but I like using it in the inner corner of the eye or to apply eyeshadow on the lower part of the eyes
  • brush from theBalm Nude Tude palette – I mostly use the angled part either with a dark shadow or with a gel eyeliner. It works great with both

favorite eye makeuep tools


Real Techniques lash-brow groomer – it’s soft, it combs my eyebrows so fast and it feels nice when doing it. I also use it from time to time to comb my lashes after I applied a mascara that makes them look spidery. Careful not to stab yourself in the eye! The lash part is made out of metal and it’s very sharp

favorite brow makeuep tools


  • e.l.f. Complexion Brush – it’s from the Studio line, so it’s a bit more expensive than first line from the company. Still it’s pretty inexpensive for a face brush and it’s perfect for powder or blush. It just takes the right amount when you gently tap it in the product
  • Real Techniques setting brush – it’s soft and lovely to work with. I use it to set my concealer with powder and when I apply illuminator
  • Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge – I never had an original Beauty Blender but for the moment I don’t feel the need. I think this sponge is very soft and it doesn’t eat too much product. Plus it gives a nice feeling when you use it on the skin and it leaves behind a luminous finish, which I love

favorite face makeuep tools

Most of the time I keep these brushes in the pouch I got with the Real Techniques Eyes Starter Set, which is great, especially when you travel.

Also, all the brushes I talked about in this article ar great quality. Some of them I have for more than 3 years and are still going strong – no bristles falling out or brushes losing their shape.

That’s it for me and my favorite makeup tools. What do you like to use for applying makeup?


7 thoughts on “Favorite makeup tools

  1. Zoevaaa ❤ si mie imi plac mult pensulele alea ❤
    Btw, ce sapun foloseai pentru buretel? BB-ul meu se tot pateaza si dureaza o eternitate sa scot petele din el (sau uneori nu reusesc)


  2. Pensula de ochi de la elf si buretelul de la RT le am si eu si imi plac suuuper mult :D. Pe wishlist am Setting brush-ul de la RT si cred ca o sa intre in colectie cat de curand!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That setting brush is very good! I got blush brush from RT and.. I’m not really in love with it. It has form which I wanted and type of bristles which I like but but.. It feels too big for me:/ I used it with bronser which is something you apply on bigger areas and I find it not that comfortable. I think I should use it for powder. Now I want still the same kind of brush but smaller. After I saw Suqqu brush in 1000 Lisa Eldridge videos and than in 1000 posts I’m secretly dreaming of it. I watched other famous japanese brushes in hope that some is cheaper than suqqu with same type of hair and form..but no. They all are expensive. May be one day ..:D

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    • You can create a wishlist and let everybody know what you wish for 😀 maybe somebody will gift you one, or at least a voucher of it.
      For blush I’m not that picky. I like something that’s not too dense, not too floppy and i don’t want it to be a staight cut. My preference for blush brush depends more on the blush I use (if it’s very pigmented or not).


      • About blush I agree. I have some intense blushes and I’d like something which creates more of a veil wiht less effort) My favorite is angled blush brushes but normal size not RT blush brush size:D
        About wishlist..yeah, but I’m not sure someone will present me this brush till time it gets lots in my wishlist:D

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