M.A.C Prep + Prime Fix+ vs. Melkior Make-Up Setting Mist

Versiunea în limba română a acestui articol o găsiți aici.

MAC Prep+Prime Fix + vs Melkior Make-Up Setting Mist | revew


  • both come in a plastic bottle so they’re good for travelling – they’re light and won’t break
  • each bottle is pretty secure. Neither of them leaked for me
  • full size is 100 ml of product
  • it’s a transparent product
  • they take off the powderiness if you happen to overapply powder
  • both leave a dewy finish, not oily
  • both need application from about 30 cm away from the face
  • they make foundation last a bit longer than usual. For me it’s usually around 1-2 hours more
  • they have a fine mist and the pump does a good job not to squirt product into my face. I never finished a bottle of any of them before so I don’t know how it would perform when you get too close to the bottom
  • great for transforming eyeshadows into eyeliners
  • great for making the eyeshadows more pigmented and more long lasting


MAC Prep+Prime Fix review

M.A.C Prep + Prime Fix+:

  • comes in two sizes: full size (100 ml) and travel size (30 ml)
  • price: €22.00 (100 ml); € 10.50 (30 ml)
  • it comes in different scented versions. This can be as much as a plus for some people as it could be a huge minus for others. Personally, I like the original scent and I don’t mind the perfume. It doesn’t linger on after applying it
  • available is a lot of countries
  • the packaging is a bit more elegant with the false effect of frosted glass
  • expiration date: 24 months since opening

Melkior Make-Up Setting Mist revew

Melkior Make-Up Setting Mist:

  • doesn’t have a travel size version
  • price about 11 Euro (100 ml)
  • the spray is a bit hard to press. I always think I’m going to press to hard and it will be too much product on my face. But this never happens. It would be nice if they would change a bit the packaging and make the spray to oppose less resistance when you’re trying to use it
  • the brand is only available in a few countries, so it’s harder to get
  • expiration date: 12 months since opening


There’s no winner or loser for me this time. I think both do the same job but it’s just a matter of availability for me. The Melkior spray is much cheaper than the one from M.A.C, but for me it would be a problem to get my hands on it as the brand doesn’t exist in Germany. Luckly I will still visit Romania as my family lives there, so if I happen to run out of setting spray I will get Melkior’s. If I’m in Germany, I’ll get M.A.C’s.

Did you try any of these products? Which one do you like best?

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Have a great day!


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