Brand Focus – Balea – Part 1

If you’ve never heard about the brand balea I will assume you’ve never been in a dm store.  Balea is one for the home brands of dm and, in general, they have good quality products with a very small price tag. Picking something from them can be quite overwhelming, so here’s the first part of reviews to help you make up your mind.

PS: For the products below:

  • as a plus, in general, it will be the price (unless I say otherwise)
  • as a minus, in general, it will be the packaging. Most of the time it’s no problem for me (as long as it doesn’t make the product itself impractical), because I understand that you can’t have affordable and good products, with fancy packaging. But I know many people dislike they’re packaging and call it cheap

Balea Cream Shower

I had various shower gels from Balea. To be honest, I don’t really remember which ones but I think I had the ones from above and some limited edition ones

  • scents are usually nice and not offensive
  • they don’t leave your skin dry when I get out of the shower (but I wouldn’t say they’re moisturizing)
  • I think each season they have new limited edition versions, which I find fun to use
  • the packaging isn’t fancy and it’s a bit hard to get the last of the product out, but not impossible
  • the scent doesn’t stay on the skin after you get out of the shower. For me it’s not really a minus, as I like using scented lotions and perfume but for other people it may be

Repuchase: yes, especially LE ones

Price: 0,55 €


Balea Duschöl

  • foams up a bit when used with water
  • it feels nice on the skin
  • no distinct or offensive scent
  • it doesn’t leave the skin dry but I wouldn’t say it hydrates it, as it states on the packaging
  • I used it pretty quicky, as the consistency it’s very runny (it’s an oil…)

Repuchase: I don’t think so. I would prefer the cream shower ones

Price: 1,85 €

Balea Cream Soap

  • same as the shower creams, Balea has lots of versions of liquid soap, and each season they have some limited edtions ones
  • the scents are nice and linger on a little bit after you used them
  • you can also find unscented versions
  • creamy consitency
  • the pump works well. I never found it to get stuck

Repuchase: yes, especially LE ones

Price: 0,55 €

Hornhautentferner Bims-Schwamm

Balea Bims Schwamm

  • it’s not scruby enough for me
  • it’s good if you want to use a light exfoliation every day on your feet, but no more than that
  • comes in different colors
  • it doesn’t crumble, even after being used for a few months

Repuchase: I don’t think so

Price: 0,95 €


Balea Frische Sohlen

  • great product if your feet usually get sweaty
  • it keeps you shoes and feet less smelly
  • I usually change them every week or every 2 weeks, depending on how much I wear that pair of shoes
  • they come in different sizes and colors (white and black)

Repuchase: of course

Price: 2,75 €

Disclaimer: None of the photos are my property. They’re all from


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