Empty products #9

Versiunea în limba română a acestui articol o găsiți aici.

I’ll have a couple more empties in the near future because since February (when I posted my last empties article) I gathered a lot of products and I tried my best to split them into categories. This article is all about makeup products, lip balms and face masks.

essence all about matt! oil control paper, essence Stay All Day 16H Long-Lasting concealer, Sephora nail polish, benefit BADgal lash, Soap&Glory Archery Volu-Boost Brow Fiber Gel

essence Stay All Day 16H Long-Lasting (7 ml)

It’s a good concealer with nice consistency and covers the dark undereyes ok. It can settle a bit into fine lines but you can set it with powder or do what I do – be careful during the day and blend in with your fingers again. Also, being essence it has a great price (2,45 €). It expires in 6 months, which is not ideal. You can use it past that point but it becomes too dry to use for the underyes.

Repurchase: maybe. Right now I still have others I want to finish.

benefit BADgal lash (mini) *


It’s supposed to be a volumizing mascara. For me it’s kind of a meh one. I mean it’s a good mascara for every day. It leaves my lashes natural and separated but it’s not dramatic whatsoever. It’s not waterproof (not that it says so on the packaging). Honestly, if I want a mascara with these properties I can buy one from essence.

Repurchase: no. Again, it’s a good mascara but it’s too expensive for what it does, in my opinion.

Soap&Glory Archery Volu-Boost Brow Fiber Gel in Talk of the Brown (2.7 ml)

This one is perfect for me as a shade match. I would say it’s half a shade lighter than benefit’s gimme brow in shade 3. The formula is less dry than the benefit’s one and the wand is longer but still pretty small so you wouldn’t easily make mistakes with it. The price is also more budget friendly than gimme brow, but, unfortunately for me, I can only order it online.

Repurchase: yes, when I’ll make an order from UK

essence all about matt! oil control paper

The papers don’t have powder on them and they don’t lift up foundation or concealer from my face. They remove oil but don’t control it, as the name says. But I’m ok with that. I can apply a bit of powder over the T zone and my face can be oil-free for the next 4-5 hours again.

Repurchase: yes.

Sephora nail polish (5 ml)

I got it last summer in a beauty swap with the beauty bloggers from Timisoara and I think it was 1/4 used. Now it started to separate and thicken, so I decided to part ways with it. It’s a nice nude-pinky color. The pink shows up only when you add more than one coat. I enjoyed it for everyday and as a not-to-worry-too-much-about-chipping nail polish. If you start to have some small chips you can’t really tell because it’s a nude. It lasts 3 days on me, so pretty much like any other usual nail polish on my nails.

Repurchase: maybe. Right now I don’t have a Sephora where I live (but I heard it’s to Germany on 29.06.2017) and I also want to play around with some other brands and formulas.


Glamglow Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment, Blistex MedPlus, LUSH Rosy Cheeks mask, ziaja orange butter lip balm, Origins Original skin mask with rose clay


Blistex MedPlus (7ml)

This product was recommended to me by a friend and it didn’t dissapoint. It contains menthol and it’s tingly the first few times you use it. Being in a tub, I used it right before I went to bed. It was a very good balm and it did heal my cracked lips by the morning.

Repurchase: yes.


ziaja orange butter lip balm (10ml)


This product was so hyped up last year in the Romanian beauty community. I got it from Romina in our beauty swap, last summer. I liked the packaging because is very hygienic, the product itself is very easy to get out, it smells like oranges and it hydrates well my lips.

Repurchase: yes, somewhere in the future. Right now I’m using lip balms with SPF.


Origins Original skin mask with rose clay (10 ml)

They call this a retexturizing mask. It smooths the skin because of the harsher particles it contains. The scent is not overpowering and the product doesn’t irritate my skin. It leaves it smooth, a bit more hydrated and maybe a bit more luminous. I really like its effect on my skin.

Repurchase: already did, in the 10 ml version.


LUSH Rosy Cheeks mask (45 ml)

I already wrote a bit about this one here. I really liked everything about it – the scent, the consistency, the fact that you need to keep it in the fridge so it feels cool and calming on the skin when you apply it. I even liked that you need to use it in about a month since opening, because it made me use face masks a lot more. The effects were really nice: it calms the skin, it leaves it hydrated and the pores are less visible. A downside of it: you can’t really take it with you when travelling.

Repurchase: For sure.


Glamglow Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment (15g)

This product has a pretty powerful scent. I can’t really put my finger on what it is, but I liked it. It’s a bit tingly on the skin but I overlooked that because it helped my skin when it was dry. Don’t expect to see results from this mask if you’re skin is in a decent shape. You’ll only see results when your skin is dry or very dehydrated. The price is very high, but I had a voucher and it was at half price when I bought it, so I pretty much got it for free.

Repurchase: I don’t think so. It’s a good mask but it’s too expensive.


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PPS: The products marked with * were products received as PR samples.

Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “Empty products #9

  1. I liked that Essence blotting papers too. I think they are good. But I actually don’t know whether expensive ones have something special in them. I tried only three brands, all inexpensive. That rosy cheeks mask from Lush sounds sooo good. When I will be around lush I need to remember to pick it up.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I tried blotting papers from missha but they weren’t so expensive. Maybe double the price of essence or something. They felt the same for me. I had once some other papers. The price was as essence or maybe a bit higher but they took off my foundation everytime they touched it. I don’t think I would try highend brands as I don’t see the point.
      Yes, please go and try rosy cheeks, but smell it first as the scent remains a bit after you wash off the mask. I really like it but maybe it’s not for everybody.

      Liked by 1 person

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