Empty products #11

Versiunea în limba română a acestui articol o găsiți aici.


essie spa many many mani intensive hand lotion (20ml)

I got it in travel size with an essie base coat. At first I liked it a lot, but for the winter I found it so annoying. It didn’t hydrate as much as I would have liked and you can’t apply 2 layers of it because it starts to ball on your skin.

Repurchase: no.

Nivea Hand Cream Anti Age Q10 (30 ml)

For a long time this was my absolute favorite hand cream. I still like it, but in the meantime I discovered the hand creams from Neutrogena which for me moisturize a lot better. I don’t need as much product at once and it penetrates the skin faster.

Repurchase: only if I don’t find the ones from Neutrogena.

Tony Moly Banana Hand Milk

I got this one as a present from a friend of mine. I have to say it: the packaging is adorable and the scent is the banana one from bubblegum. At least that’s how I feel it. I enjoyed using it. It’s decently moisturizing and I like that I can use my hands right after applying it.

Repurchase: maybe.

batiste dry shampoo fruity & cheeky cherry (50 ml)

You know I love the batiste dry shampoos. They smell great and they make my hair presentable for one more day. I always make sure to have a travel size of it at the office.

Repurchase: already did.

Chloe Eau de Perfume (30 ml)

This is my favorite perfume so far! I’m awful at describing scents, so here you can find the list of notes. I prefer it for the colder seasons, as it is a bit powerful. In the middle of the summer I prefer something more subtle and/or fresh.

Repurchase: I already did. I bought the 10ml roller ball version so I can keep it in my bag and also to have it for when I’m traveling, so I won’t get worried about a whole bottle.


ziaja natural olive hair mask regenerating (200 ml)

My hair is very fine and long. This does a very good job at moisturizing it. The price (about 3 Euro) is amazing for the quality of the product, but I can’t say how it would perform on dryer hair.

Repurchase: yes, on my next visit in Romania.

Rituals Brilliant Bliss Indian Rose & Shikaki nurishing ultra-shine shampoo (70ml)

I used up this one pretty fast. It’s very moisturizing and maybe a bit too much for my fine hair. Plus: it smells amazing, it feels nice when using it and it makes my hair super shiny.

Repurchase: I don’t like to wash my hair everyday so I will avoid it.


alverde Körperbutter (200 ml)

A very good body butter, especially for the money. It takes a few minutes to sink into the skin. It’s not beating my beloved Neutrogena lotion but I like it for the fall time.

Repurchase: Probably.

The Body Shop Coconut Cream Body Scrub (200ml)

OK. I don’t know in what Universe this is coconut scented. For me it’s pear scented all day long! I’m not complaining about the scent, don’t get me wrong. It’s a very lovely one, but I just can’t smell the coconuts in it. Anyway, the product itself is nice. I enjoyed using it once per week. In terms of how harsh it is, I’d say it’s medium, which for me makes it perfect for the colder months of the year.

Repurchase: I’d like to try more body scrubs from TBS, but yes, this is a good one. For sure I’ll come back to it at some point.

Lush Ocean Salt Face & Body scrub (85ml)

This is one of the first products I bought from Lush and honestly it’s the first one that I don’t really like. It’s supposed to be both for face and body, but I’m not putting that anywhere near my face. It’s very harsh and I don’t like mechanical scrubs on the face either way. The scent is as the name suggests, very salt watery. Being mainly created to be used on oily faces (why would you do that to yourself???), it leaves the skin very matte, which I didn’t enjoy. I used it once a month on my legs, elbows and any rough parts of my body. Anymore than that would have been too much for my skin.

Repurchase: no.


The Body Shop Shea Body Whip (60 ml)

This one didn’t manage to impress me. The scent was a bit annoying to me. The moisturizing properties were so and so. I think it’s good enough for my dry skin in the summertime.

Repurchase: maybe with another scent, but I will avoid the shea one.

Rituals Yogi Flow foaming shower gel sensation (50 ml)

This one was a very nice product. I was always so excited everytime I took a shower because I knew I can use it again. The foam is so luxurious and the scent is the cherry on top. It didn’t dry my skin after using it continuously for a few weeks. The price is a bit high for a shower gel, but from time to time I’d invest a bit more for the experience.

Repurchase: yes.

Rituals Honey Touch Indian Rose & Himalaya Honey rich and nurishing body cream (70ml)

As all Rituals products, this one also has a very powerful, pleasant scent. It lasted on me a few hours which doesn’t really happen with most body creams. The consistency is a cream, which is a bit runny and it gets absorbed into the skin pretty fast. It hydrates my dry skin decently for spring-summer.

Repurchase: yes, from time to time. Maybe I’ll try also some other scents.

bilou Tasy Donut creamy shower foam (200ml)

This is another foaming shower gel. The packaging is so cute and the scent is nice… until you put it under water. For some reason it doesn’t smell as good when you’re showering with it. Unlike the Rituals one, which doesn’t change the scent at all, this one does. And it does for the worse. It cleaned my skin well and it didn’t dry it out.

Repurchase: maybe I’ll try some other scents from bilou and I hope those don’t change in shower.

Nivea Protect&Shave (200ml)

This one lasted me a pretty long while. Granted, I didn’t use it everyday, but it last a lot longer than a Balea one. So when you think about it, the price is more or less the same, since with Balea you’d buy 2 tubes until you could finish this one up.

The product was good. It’s a gel that foams up when adding water. I liked the texture of it, it didn’t irritated my skin and it helped the razor to glide over my skin faster and without any cuts.

Repurchase: yes.

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PPS: The products marked with * were products received as PR samples.

Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “Empty products #11

  1. Tasty donut foam looks soo nice, if i saw such i would definitely try:)
    I tried banana hand cream, it smelled fantastic. I think Nivea cream has a new packaging as I received one when I went to PR and I only now started using it. I would say I like it but I’m not 100% sure yet:D

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