Brand focus: Yves Rocher [en]

Versiunea în limba română a acestui articol o găsiți aici.

I’ve been testing these products for over 2 months now, so I can give you a full review on them.

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Brand Focus – Balea – Part 1

If you’ve never heard about the brand balea I will assume you’ve never been in a dm store.  Balea is one for the home brands of dm and, in general, they have good quality products with a very small price tag. Picking something from them can be quite overwhelming, so here’s the first part of reviews to help you make up your mind.

PS: For the products below:

  • as a plus, in general, it will be the price (unless I say otherwise)
  • as a minus, in general, it will be the packaging. Most of the time it’s no problem for me (as long as it doesn’t make the product itself impractical), because I understand that you can’t have affordable and good products, with fancy packaging. But I know many people dislike they’re packaging and call it cheap

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The english version of this article can be found here.


Bună tuturor,

Nu cu mult timp în urmă am scris despre unele dintre produsele pe care le am de la Benefit. Având destul de multe dintre produsele lor și dorind să nu scriu o postare de 10000 de cuvinte, m-am gândit că ar fi o idee bună să împart articolul în mai multe părți. Așa că bun venit la partea a 2-a a acestei mici serii de articole.


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