Empty products #11



essie spa many many mani intensive hand lotion (20ml)

I got it in travel size with an essie base coat. At first I liked it a lot, but for the winter I found it so annoying. It didn’t hydrate as much as I would have liked and you can’t apply 2 layers of it because it starts to ball on your skin.

Repurchase: no.

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Empty products #8

Versiunea în limba română a acestui articol o găsiți aici.

I realized that it’s necessary to start these types of articles with a description of the general state of my skin and hair during the period I used up the products mentioned below. This way you can have a better understanding why I liked or didn’t like some of them.

  • face: normal to dry and dehydrated skin
  • lips: normal to dry
  • body: very dry, itchy skin (I know, so sexy!)
  • hair: very long (it reaches the base of my back), fine, very straight, with greasy roots (needs washing every 2 days), a bit of split ends


essence mascara, they're real mascara, AVON superSHOCK liner

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Empty products #5

Versiunea în limba română a acestui articol o găsiți aici.

You can find my latest empty products article here. This post will be split into 3 parts: skincare (face), body care and somewhat of (beauty) random stuff and makeup. This is because I simply have too many products and I would end up with a veeery long article.

I started gathering these products since August, so it’s understandable why I have so many. Also, I don’t have any shower gels, shampoo and conditioner because I forget to keep them. Same goes for facemasks. I only remembered to keep a few.

empty products

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Empty products #2/ Produse terminate #2

Hello everybody,

I’ve have lots of empty products and considering that I didn’t make a proper review for them and I don’t plan to repurchase so of them, I thought it would be best to split them in two articles. So here’s the first post!

Buna tuturor,

Am o multime de produse goale in acest moment si, avand în vedere ca nu am facut un review pentru ele, iar pentru ca pe unele din ele nu am de gand sa le mai cumpar, m-am gandit ca ar fi mai bine sa le impart in doua articole. Asadar, iata primul post!


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