L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil – review

Hello everybody,

And welcome back to my blog. This week we’ll talk about another hair product I feel inspired and want to give you all the details about what worked and what didn’t on my hair.

If you didn’t catch it in the title, today I’ll be sharing my thoughts on a drugstore oil that I think can be found pretty much everywhere. It’s L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil for Colourted Hair.

Buna tuturor,

Si bine v-am regasit pe blog-ul meu. In aceasta saptămana vom vorbi despre un alt produs de par, pentru ca ma simt inspirata in aceasta categorie si vreau sa va ofer toate detaliile in legatura cu ce a functionat si ce nu pe parul meu.
Daca inca nu v-ati prins din titlu, azi voi impartasi cu voi gandurile mele despre un ulei drugstore, pe care cred ca il puteti gasi cam peste tot. E vorba despre L’Oréal Paris Elseve Color-Vive ulei pentru par vopsit.

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  • I like the scent. It smells like after shave, but in a nice way (at least for me)
  • it comes in a plastic bottle of 100 ml which should last you a long time
  • it comes with a pump that pours just enough product
  • at first (for about 4 months) I liked it a lot. I was using it on the ends of my hair and it gave a nice, healthy shine to my hair. It also covered most of the split ends
  • the price isn’t too bad. You can find the price on feelunique.com here


  • imi place mirosul. Miroase a after shave, dar intr-un mod placut (cel putin pentru mine)
  • vine intr-o sticla de plastic de 100 ml care ar trebui sa te tina destul de mult timp
  • vine cu o pompita care dozeaza produsul foarte bine
  • la inceput (pprimele 4 luni) mi-a placut foarte mult produsul. Il foloseam pe varfurile parului si oferea o stralucire frumoasa si sanatoasa parului meu. De asemenea, reusea sa acopere majoritatea varfurilor despicate
  • pretul nu-i rau. Il puteti gasi la 28 lei pe aoro.ro si pe la aproximativ 35 lei in Auchan


  • after the first 4 months this oil started to not work as well. I felt like I was putting vegetable oil on my hair. My hair looked greasy and not cared for, even though I just washed it.
  • I dropped the bottle on my (wood) floor and the cap broke a bit to easily. Now I have to be really careful if I want to use it again. So the advantage of the pump it’s gone


  • dupa primele 4 luni, uleiul a inceput sa nu mai functioneze pentru mine. Simteam ca si cum mi-as pune ulei de floarea soarelui pe par. Desi doar ce iesisem din dus, parul imi arata uns (murdar) si neingrijit
  • am scapat sticla pe peodea (de lemn) si s-a spart capacul mult prea usor. Acum trebuie sa fiu foarte atenta daca mai vreau sa-l folosesc. Deci avantajul pompitei s-a dus

More info:

  • I still use it as a mask when my hair is super-dry. It’s not my favorite mask but it works decent and I still have one forth of the product in the bottle
  • I don’t have colored hair but it said it has UV filters and that way it could protect my hair against the sun

Mai multe informatii:

  • inca folosesc acest ulei ca si masca atunci cand parul meu e foarte uscat. Nu e masca de par favorita, dar functioneaza decent si inca mai am un sfert de produs ramas in recipient
  • nu am par colorat, dar scrie pe ambalaj ca are filtre UV si m-am gandit ca ar putea sa-mi protejeze parul impotriva soarelui


I wouldn’t buy it again. I recommend you to try the smaller version of Morrocanoil. I know this one is so expensive but it lasts you a loooooong time and it’s a great product. A blogger friend gifted me a bottle of 10 ml in November, I use it on my ends 2-3 times a week and I still have more than half of it left.


Nu am mai cumparat acest produs inca o data. Mai de graba as recomanda cumpararea unei sticlute mici de Morrocanil. Stiu ca e un ulei de par scump, dar te va tine muuuuuuulta vreme si este un produs grozav. O prietena bloggerita, in luna Noiembrie, mi-a facut cadou o sticluta de 10 ml din acest ulei, il folosesc pe varfuri de 2-3 ori pe saptamana si inca mai am mai bine jumatate din el.

Did you try this oil? What did you think about it? What oil do you like?

Ati incercat acest ulei de par? Cum vi s-a parut? Ce ulei de par va place?


11 thoughts on “L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil – review”

  1. Eu nu am folosit inca niciun ulei de par. Parul meu e destul de gras la radacina si mai uscat spre varfuri, dar cred ca ar trebui sa incerc si eu unul. Poate o sa il incerc pe cel de la Morrocanoil daca zici ca e mai bun :D!

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    1. in case it’s useful to you or someone else:)) here they haveoften discunt as now http://www.cosmoshop.ro/tratament-pentru-toate-tipurile-de-par-treatment-moroccanoil-100-ml and without disocunt can get in mall in salon (180-200lei, they have iin salon also 25ml, and there is also store topline (in Timisoara in center if you are in Timisoara) where you can find moroccanoil big and 25ml bottles. 10ml bottles are usually given for free in salon or with buying something ,etc.)

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  2. Eu l-am folosit mult timp pe cel de la Balea si chiar mi-a placut. Acum nu mai am niciunul la indemana si trebuie sa vad in ce sa investesc.
    Ma gandeam la cel de la Solaris cu ulei de Argan (Lon…something.. chiar nu mai stiu numele) 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No, I decided why to search more already if I bought whole bottle (which will last me reaaaaaallllllllly long) and I like it:) I have spray and cream from leave-in products but I don’t have any other oil now. I dont use everythign at one time:D

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