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Bună tuturor,

Poate ați observat că în ultima lună nu prea m-am putut ține de programul meu obișnuit de postare pe blog și există câteva motive pentru asta.


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Beauty bloggers meeting Timisoara (Second edition)

Hello everybody,

This article will be short and sweet. I just want to tell you what I did last weekend, on Saturday morning, to be exact. At 11 o’clock I went to a coffee place to participate at the second edition of Beauty bloggers meeting Timisoara, where I got to hang with 9 other beauty bloggers from Timișoara.

Bună tuturor,

Acest articol va fi scurt și dulce. Vreau doar să vă spun ce-am făcut weekend-ul trecut, sambătă dimineaţa, mai exact. La ora 11 am mers la o cafenea pentru a participa la Beauty bloggers meeting Timisoara editia a 2-a, unde am ajuns să stau de vorba cu alte 9 bloggeriţe de beauty din Timișoara.


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Glazed and Confused

Hello everybody,

And welcome to another post on my blog. Today we’ll talk about something different, something yummy! We’ll talk about a new hot place in Timișoara, which has a very catchy name – Glazed and Confused.

Bună tuturor,

Și bine ați revenit pe blogul meu. Azi vom vorbi despre ceva diferit, ceva delicios! Vom vorbi despre un loc nou-nouț din Timișoara, care are un nume foarte ușor de reținut – Glazed and Confused.


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25 things about me/ 25 de lucruri despre mine


Hello everybody,

Today I want you to get to know me a bit better. I have to admit I “stole” this idea from Anca. She posted this type of article a few days ago (find her 25 things here – for Romanian speaking people only). So I got inspired and here are my “things”:

not just makeup @Alin Vulparu

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Things I’m bad at/ La ce nu ma pricep eu

Hello everybody,

I know we’re all aware that nobody’s perfect and I’m no exception to that rule. Today I wanted to talk to you about some of my bad habits and what I do to change them.

So let’s see the things I’m bad at!

Buna tuturor,

Stiu ca suntem cu totii constienti de faptul ca nimeni nu e perfect si eu cu siguranta nu sunt o exceptie de la aceasta regula. Azi vreau sa va  vorbesc despre unele dintre obiceiurile mele proaste si ce fac pentru a le schimba.

Asa ca haideti sa vedem la ce lucruri nu ma pricep asa bine.

 Drinking water

via google.ro

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Brand loyal/ Fidelitatea marcii

Hello everybody,

As the name would suggest, today we’ll talk about brand fidelity. From the beginning I want to say that this idea isn’t mine – I “stole” it from Samantha Chapman from the YouTube channel pixiwoo (the co-founder of Real Techniques).

Buna tuturor,
Dupa cum, sugereaza si titlul, azi vom vorbi despre fidelitate brand-ului. De la inceput vreau sa mentionez ca aceasta idee nu-mi apartine – am “furat-o” de la Samantha Chapman de pe canalul de YouTube pixiwoo (co-fondatorul de la Real Techniques).

A few weeks ago I was watching Sam doing the video that you can find below. There she says that she’s noticing that her foundation looks great when she applies it but after a few hours it becomes worse.

The same thing happens to me too and I spend the last few months searching for a better foundation, primer and/or face cream. Nothing seemed to truly work for me.

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