Makeup for a week #1

Versiunea în limba română a acestui articol o găsiți aici.

I want to change some things here on my blog. I want to start posting two articles each week – one short and one regular (as the ones you can find on my blog so far). I don’t know how this thing will work out but I’m hoping for the best.

In the past 3 years I managed to collect quite a bit of makeup, which is still manageable, don’t worry, but it’s certainly more than an average girl would have. That’s why I decided for some time now, that at the beginning of each week I will take an empty bag and put in some makeup products I want to use that week. Like that I “force” myself to use all the products that are already opened and see what I like and what I don’t like. If I see something that I don’t like to use daily, that’s for sure a product I don’t need in my makeup drawers and I will pass it to somebody who will have more use for it.

makeup for a week

In the picture above you can see what products I had in my bag last week. I loved each product I had in there and the looks I got where pretty diverse.


  • Urban Decauy Naked Basics
  • wet’n’wild Walking on Eggshels
  • essence Multi-Action mascara
  • Soap&Glory Achery Volu-Boost


  • benefit hello flawless oxygen wow! liquid foundation
  • The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops (Lightening)
  • Rimmel London Match Perfection Skin Tone Adapting Concealer
  • benefit erase paste
  • MAC Blot Powder
  • essence blush 10 Adorable
  • theBalm Cindy-Lou Manize

PS: Produsele de buze nu sunt incluse pentru ca am uitat sa le scot din geantă.

PPS: Poate data viitoare ar trebui sa fac și niște fotografii la look-urile pe care le creez.

Cum vi se pare acest tip de articol? Vă place? Ce ați vrea să fie diferit data viitoare?


7 thoughts on “Makeup for a week #1

  1. Ha, misto ideea cu alesul produselor la inaput de saptamana asa.. Ce-i drept, si eu tind sa folosesc foarte putine, tocmai din obisnuinta.. btw, cum e erase paste?


    • La fel faceam si eu inainte si tocmai din cauza asta m-am decis sa schimb strategia.

      Erase paste e ok, dar eu nu-l folosesc chiar sub ochi. Il folosesc ceva mai jos, aproape pe obraz, unde am pigmentatie mai severa. E fain si chiar ajuta sa-mi decoloreze optic partea respectiva. Dar nu-l recomand sa-l folosesti sub ochi. E mai greu de lucrat cu el si trebuie sa ai grija sa-l setezi cu caantitatea potrivita de pudra – nu prea mult, nu prea putin.
      Apropo, ai folosit pana la urma concealerul de la Rimmel?


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